Shortcode Examples - Testimonials Widget Premium

[testimonials] - Testimonials listing with paging

  • List of testimonials only 200 characters long with only author shown in credit box - [testimonialswidget_list char_limit=200 hide_title=true hide_email=true hide_url=true hide_location=true hide_company=true]
  • List testimonials by post title - [testimonials order=ASC orderby=title]
  • Select testimonials tagged with either "test" or "fun", in random order, but ignore those of the excluded ids - [testimonials tags="test,fun" random=true exclude="2,22,333"]
  • Show 15 testimonials, in company order - [testimonials meta_key=testimonials-widget-company order=asc limit=15]
  • Show 3 full-length testimonials, with opening and closing quote marks removed - [testimonials char_limit=0 target=_new limit=3 disable_quotes=true]
  • Show 5 full-length testimonials, with paging - [testimonials limit=5 paging=true char_limit=0]
  • Show all testimonials on one page - [testimonials char_limit=0 limit=-1]
  • Show one random testimonial - [testimonials limit=1 no_cache=true random=true]
  • Show only these 3 testimonials - [testimonials ids="1,11,111" paging=false]
  • Show testimonial list with author and urls hidden - [testimonials hide_source=true hide_url=true]
  • Show the single testimonial of ID 123 on a page - [testimonials ids="123" paging=false]
  • Testimonial list by category - [testimonials category="category-name"]
  • Testimonial list by category and hide "No testimonials found" message - [testimonials category=product hide_not_found=true]
  • Testimonial list by category ID 123 - [testimonials category=123]
  • Testimonial list by tag, showing 5 at most - [testimonials category=product tags=widget limit=5]
  • Testimonial list using Readmore JS with 100 pixel collasped height - [testimonials use_readmore_js=true readmore_max_height=100]

[testimonials_archives] - A monthly archive of your site's testimonials

  • Testimonial's archive as dropdown with monthly count - [testimonials_archives dropdown=true count=true]

[testimonials_categories] - A list or dropdown of testimonials' categories

  • Testimonial's categories as hierarchical with monthly count - [testimonials_categories count=true hierarchical=true]

[testimonials_recent] - Your site's most recent testimonials

  • The 3 most recent testimonials with dates - [testimonials_recent number=3 show_date=true]

[testimonials_count] - Count of testimonials

  • Display count of posts - [testimonials_count post_type=post]
  • Display count of testimonials of category wordpress - [testimonials_count category=wordpress]
  • Display count of testimonials of category wordpress and tagged with support - [testimonials_count category=wordpress tags=support]
  • Display count of testimonials tagged with support - [testimonials_count tags=support]
  • Display the number of "Product A" category testimonials - [testimonials_count category=product-a]

[testimonials_form] - Testimonials entry form

  • Automatically assign "30 Day Lift" and tag "osa" to the user submitted testimonial - [testimonials_form meta_item="30 Day Lift" tags_input="osa"]
  • Automatically assign "my product" and hide that field for the user submitted testimonial - [testimonials_form meta_item="my product" hide_meta_item=true]
  • Display a testimonial input form on the front-end sans email, but enables tags entry - [testimonials_form hide_meta_email=true hide_tags_input=false]
  • Display a testimonial input form on the front-end that submits to the "Services" category with ID 123 - [testimonials_form post_category=123] or [testimonials_form post_category="Services"]
  • Hide most fields and assign testimonials to category 41 - [testimonials_form hide_post_excerpt=true hide_meta_title=true hide_meta_location=false hide_meta_email=false hide_meta_company=true hide_meta_url=true hide_featured_image_url=true post_category=41]
  • Simple form submission - [testimonials_form hide_post_excerpt=true hide_meta_title=true hide_meta_location=true hide_meta_email=true hide_meta_company=true hide_featured_image=true hide_meta_read_more_link=true hide_meta_item_url=true]
  • Very simple testimonial submission form - [testimonials_form hide_post_excerpt=true hide_meta_title=true hide_meta_location=true hide_meta_email=true hide_meta_company=true hide_meta_url=true hide_featured_image=true]

[testimonials_links] - List of testimonial author and title linking to full entry

  • Display a list of all testimonials without content or company details - [testimonials_links hide_company=true]

[testimonials_slider] - Displays rotating testimonials or statically

  • Automatically rotate testimonials page to page, even if next testimonial is clicked - [testimonials_slider category=quote rotate_per_page=true show_controls=true]
  • Display only short testimonials - [testimonials_slider maximum_length=100]
  • Display only testimonials with excerpts and featured images. Great for lead-ins - [testimonials_slider require_image=true require_excerpt=true]
  • Display posts instead of testimonials - [testimonials_slider post_type=post]
  • Display rotating testimonials with link to next testimonial - [testimonials_slider show_controls=true]
  • Ignore short testimonials for display - [testimonials_slider minimum_length=250]
  • Prevent showing previously selected testimonials on a page - [testimonials_slider unique=true]
  • Show "liposuction" testimonials in oldest first sorting - [testimonials_slider category=liposculpture order=asc]
  • Show a horizontal carousel with 3 rated testimonials - [testimonials_slider carousel_count=3 transition_mode=horizontal slide_width=250 slide_margin=25 require_ratings=1]
  • Show a slider of testimonials with excerpts, don't show ratings or the play and pause buttons - [testimonials_slider show_controls=false show_ratings=false require_excerpt=true]
  • Show random "dreamweaver" testimonials. Enable play and pause buttons - [testimonials_slider category="dreamweaver" random="true" show_controls="true"]
  • Show rotating testimonials, of the product category, lowest post ids first - [testimonials_slider category=product order=asc]
  • Show rotating, random testimonials having tag "sometag" - [testimonials_slider tags=sometag random=true]
  • Show testimonials having at least 4 stars and a featured image, but don't show the excerpt - [testimonials_slider limit=3 show_controls=true require_ratings=4 require_image=true hide_excerpt=true]
  • Show vertical carousel with 2 testimonials - [testimonials_slider carousel_count=2 transition_mode=vertical slide_margin=50 rotate_per_page=false]

[testimonials_tag_cloud] - A cloud of your most used testimonials' tags

  • Show testimonials post tag cloud - [testimonials_tag_cloud]